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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zastava 750 photos

This vehicle is based on the Fiat 600, and Zastava built cars under licence from Fiat. This 1973 year model car was built after Fiat discontinued production and uses a slightly larger engine. 750cc upgraded from 600cc. The color combination on this car was because the vehicle was used as the village police vehicle. The police light and siren will eventually be reinstalled.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1973 Zastava 750

Completely sorting out all electricals and wiring. Installing upgrade fuse panel with 8 instead of 6 circuits. This is a previously restored vehicle that the customer has imported from Europe. Vehicle is being prepared to pass the Provincial safety inspection so the customer can register the vehicle. Photos to follow.

Current Project: MGB Vintage Racer

Currently working on a 67 MGB which is prepared for vintage racing. Engine and gearbox are in parts as they are being overhauled for the upcoming season. Cylinder head is being modified to increase compression ; going from approximately 9.8:1 to where it will be approximately 11:1 CR. This vehicle is also getting a new roll cage to fit the taller of the two drivers and to allow it to compete in regular competition. Will post pictures as work progresses.